Technology in the real estate market

Do you want to know more about and understand how the real estate market is influenced by the use of data and new technology?

Sensors, artificial intelligence, I&T, Blockchain, FinTech, sharing economy, smart homes, cloud solutions and construction tech all affect us.

Digitization challenges our capabilities and the characteristics of our companies - the way we think and act. We must therefore develop new features and ways of working in our organizations.

 Our promise is that by attending the conference you will understand what Proptech is and what this can offer you and your business opportunities. This whether you are active in the real estate market today, is a supplier or simply just curious about this area. We have a lot to learn the rest of Europe, USA and Asia within Proptech. By attending this conference you will gain insigh and learn from many relevant cases from both Norway and abroad.

Proptech Innovation has set the goal of developing an innovation cluster that will make companies and organizations collaborate on new technological solutions for real estate technology. To get inspiration, look into the glass ball, learn from the best we arrange The Future of Proptech today. This is the first time the conference is held in Bergen. The goal is to become a leading European meeting place for those who want to take the lead in Proptech.




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Anders Brekke