09:00 - 09:35


The conference will be hosted by Siri Lill Mannes

Chairman of PropTech Innovation Harald Schjelderup sets the stage with Head of business development in BOB, Anders Daniel Brekke.

“An industry in change, this is how air can turn into gold”
Some wants to build on water, others in the air. Envelope has developed a groundbreaking 3D model that identifies available development rights (air rights) throughout New York City, and optimizes their use in development sites.
- Cindy McLaughlin, CEO Envelope


09:35 - 10:05

Datadriven changes

Data will be the primary driver for change in construction and real estate. How do we commercialize on existing data and how are groundbreaking solutions created?

”Wellness in Real Estate, and how we in Delos work”
- Jonathan Lowenberg, Vice President of Delos

“How can PropTech capitalize on leading sensor technology?”
- Erik Fossum Færevaag, Gründer Disruptive Technologies

“Optimize existing data and improve user experience through a cloud-based data platform”
- Per Haaheim, Partner Create Solutions

“How Ambita uses AI to develop digital solutions for PropTech business”
- Fredrik Halmøy Wisløff, CTO Ambita

“How voice control can improve user experience in buildings”
- Siri Gomnæs Børsum, X-Google

Panel discussion


10:20 - 10:40



10:40 - 11:00

IoT with indoor 5G

5G will be the leading technology for connecting IoT in-house, when will it come and how will PropTech industry look like when 5G is heading indoors?

“Future housing development with revolutionary IoT”
- Bjørn Andreas Wentzel, Business developer Cisco Norge and Bart Brinckman, Director Mobile CTO Office, Cisco Systems

“How can data collected in light increase the profitability and user experience in commercial real estate?”
- Derek Wright, Signify


11:00 - 12:00

Global innovation in PropTech

Plug & Play is a world-leading incubator. They will showcase some of the leading and most groundbreaking concepts they have to offer.

What innovations do we see in PropTech? What are investors looking for?
- David Felkai, Partnerships Plug & Play

Case presentations:
Envio System – smart building control system, with Reza Alaghehband
Havr – open doors using the light on a smartphone, with Simon Laurent and John Mears
MyVoice – door opener by voice, with Ivar Line and Nikola Andelic
FairFleet – full range drone supplier, with Florian Waubke
Unloc – with Finn Magnus Holden
Rebartek – with Maximilian Trommer
Wogow – with Lasse Schrader Kristiansen
CCGroup – autonomous washing machines, with Pål Jetmundsen


12:00 - 12:45



12:45 - 13:45

The future of visualization

VR and AR today provide completely new user experiences. The value in use is great when buying, selling or building a home. Get insight into the technologies that are now being launched.

“Watch and learn, vizualisation of homes”
- Mikus Opelts, CEO Giraffe360

“Why and how to use Augmented Reality when selling real estate”
- Vegard Westergård, Head of Sales Norway wec360°

“Correct use of AR can streamline the construction process by between 10-20%. What opportunities exist?”
- Frode Tørresdal, Head of development Norconsult

“Automatically generating, furnishing and visualizing apartments based on BIM models, floor plans or digital scanning of existing homes.”
Espen Brodin, Chairman Qi Holding, and Ole Herbrand Kleppe, Director property development BOB

“Crowdsourced purpose driven art platform, our mission is to revolutionize the arts, whilst honoring the profoundly human aspects of collecting”
- Manuela Seve, CEO and Co-founder of Alphainc, and Renata Thome, COO and Co-founder of Alphainc

Panel discussion


13:45 - 14:30

The future is green

How can PropTech take the next steps in sustainability?

“What is Klimanjaro?”
- Gisle Hauge, Head of purchasing Fjordkraft

“The true story behind the groundbreaking Trenezia project”
- Jørgen Pedersen, Deputy CEO BOB

“Electrification: The importance of sustainability in the energy sector”
- Sturle Drageset, Commercial director at BKK

"Digitizes the entire value chain in waste management.”
- Steinar Nævdal, CEO BIR

“Why we need to think disruptivly in the field of circular economics”

- Anders Waage Nilsen, Project developer WasteIQ

Panel discussion


13:55 - 14:20



14:45 - 15:05

Urban planning

The future of urban planning - how to create an urban and growing environment using data.

“What can academia add to urban planning?”
- Akkelies van Nes, Professor at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences

“How data will affect the future of urban planning, and where academia meets practical experience.”
- Michelle Littlefield, Stanford University and Redwood City


15:05 - 15:30

Investing in PropTech

Investors are flocking to the PropTech industry. They see new opportunities to increase their own return. How do investors think about what they see in the industry so far?

“New York is one of the leading cities within PropTech. How do they work to make PropTech an interesting investment area?”
- Philip Russo, Advisor MetaProp and Communication Coaching

“Local investors see great opportunities in PropTech. What are we really looking for?”
- Henrik Lie-Nilsen, Investor

Panel Discussion